Supervision Training

  • Learn to lead a supervision group for practitioners in your locality.
  • Acquire mentoring and leadership skills in the context of
    acupuncture practice.
  • Skills for Professional Development Leads and Regional Group Coordinators

The course will be led by Sally Blades & Isobel Cosgrove

This training will enable you to make a valuable contribution to your fellow practitioners’ professional life by providing a supportive setting in which they can explore and resolve challenges they face with their patients, their practice, their business and their own self-maintenance.

Running a supervision group and/ or providing mentoring opportunities gives you a chance to earn additional income and stimulates your own growth while supporting your colleagues, building local links and deepening the development of the profession.

Practitioners will benefit from a safe forum in which to explore their challenges, achieving greater clarity and awareness on multiple facets of our working lives and avoiding burn out. This in turn will benefit patients.

Previous Participants have said

 “I loved being with the group and found the leadership/facilitation inspiring”

“I like the way you both walk your talk rather than just sit on your laurels”

“The group has helped restore my faith in an ethical, passionate, committed acupuncture profession”

 “The course contained a wealth of knowledge, information, wisdom and experience and offered very sound theory and practice”

The training will enable you to develop:

  • Expertise in facilitating interpersonal work.
  • Skills in giving feedback that empowers the practitioner.
  • Deeper awareness of issues such as confidentiality, boundaries, projection, transference, maintaining professional relationships, codes of practice, building and maintaining a practice and managing a clinic.
  • The ability to work with a group of colleagues with compassion, insight and a sense of humour.
  • An on-going network of support for your own practice.

Course Content

The core of the learning will take place experientially and we have a supervision groups every afternoon. Participants are encouraged to keep reflective journals and to bring practice issues and case studies to the groups for further exploration.

Participants will also be encouraged to lead a small group themselves and will receive feedback from the trainers. This process of practicing new skills and becoming confident in new roles begins early in the course. There will also be lectures on group dynamics and facilitation skills.

For further information, please contact
Sally Blades:
01364 73440 or 0789 636 9885


 Isobel Cosgrove has been pioneering professional development for health practitioners, and more specifically supervision for acupuncturists since 1989.

She has run supervision groups in London, Bristol, Warwickshire and Wales for 20 years, and has offered 1:1 mentoring to those who prefer to work individually.


 Sally Blades is an expert facilitator. Her understanding and listening skills are informed by ten years’ experience of both giving and receiving supervision. Today, she works with complementary health practitioners and those in the NHS, both in groups and one-to-one.

Sally also offers supervision for coaches